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During the last several decades, the proportion of elderly individuals in the population has steadily increased worldwide. Increasing attention is focused on medical care of the elderly, but the scientific basis for the study of the aging process remains meager.
The effect of aging on the skin has been virtually ignored by the scientific and medical community, except for a handful of monographs on the clinical aspects of aging skin. The basic science underlying cutaneous aging has been a neglected issue. Because significant morbidity, discomfort, and suffering result from the range of pathology associated with aging skin, this is an oversight that must be corrected.
This volume assembles a wealth of observations basic to a scientific understanding of aging skin. Distinguished scientists and clinicians critically analyze new and old data on the effect of aging on the skin. These authors discuss anatomic and physiologic changes in the aging integument, changes that markedly alter manifestations of disease and behavior of skin in the elderly. Understanding these changes provides a rational basis for modification of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.
In addition, the mechanisms underlying the aging process and the use of age-related skin changes to predict biologic age are reviewed. This text also discusses photoaging, photocarcinogenesis, and the psychological impact of cutaneous aging.
This book is intended for dermatologists, gerontologists, geriatricians, cosmetic surgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, and physicians and scientists interested in understanding fundamental processes underlying cutaneous changes that occur with aging. This information is indispensable for those who treat people with aged skin.

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